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Bookmark this page. It’s the secret location for all of the goodies from the Internet Marketing Party.  Of course, if you want to watch my presentation, you need to go over to, and they will take good care of you.

The presentation covered a lot of great information in a really short period of time and there is no way humanly possible that anyone could remember it all.  So, here are the links to download all of the good stuff.

The Presentation – The Secrets of Successful Seven Figure Launches:  Click here to download the PDF

The Master Plan – Launch Calendar and Checklist for Seven Figure Launches. This is the framework and checklist that I use to run product launches.  Click here to access the gdoc

Happy launching!

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Rachel Kersten

PS. If you want to learn more about Summit Evergreen – my software platform that makes it easy to create beautiful on-line courses and membership sites – you’re at the right place. We have examples of what courses look like inside Summit Evergreen at

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