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Summit Evergreen provides the tools that make it easy to share your value, by creating beautiful premium membership platforms — making it easy to turn your ideas into valuable online courses.

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"When I built my first course, I looked around at courseware options.
They were universally terrible...
Summit frees you up to focus on creating value for customers (and getting more of them) rather than having to focus on operational minutiae.

Patrick McKenzie, Founder of Kalzumeus Software

Turn your existing content into High-Value Courses

The market has spoken -- online information product courses decimate traditional eBook products in terms of revenue, retention and customer satisfaction. In the past 5 years ELearning has turned into a multi-billion dollar industry, and continues to grow at an astounding rate — for both companies and individuals

Start working smarter, not harder. Summit Evergreen features a unique lesson drip system that sends each student through a timed lesson plan, with scheduled emails and surveys sent out automatically. Dripped content increases engagement, and helps students better recognize the value of your content -- with no extra work from you.

Full of Features

To Increase Your Customer Value

Summit Evergreen lets you:

  • Create and distribute online courses to your paying customers.
  • Schedule personalized emails and surveys to send to your students
  • Embed video, audio, PDFs, and other content, right inside your course
  • Collect valuable student feedback, with graded quizes, surveys and analytic tools
  • and more...

A flexible content drip

Summit Evergreen guides you through setting up your information product's content drip system -- that sends each customer through a timed lesson plan. Dripped content reduces refunds and adds perceived value to your content - with no extra work from you. Present your ideas in easy to understand lessons, which are automatically distributed to your customers on a schedule you decide.

With Summit Evergreen, "evergreen" is in our name — your content can be dripped out, be always available, or even have special content that's available to the general public. We make it easy to know what content is available to who, and when.

Lesson followup ensures student engagement

Students who reply, fill out content, and participate in your course refund at a significantly lower level than those who don't.

With Summit Evergreen's lesson followups and survey features, students will feel more engaged with your course, creating greater value, and higher satisfaction. Optionally, require users to complete lesson followup, or require a certain score before they can continue -- to ensure your students are getting the most out of the program, and identifying students who get stuck early on.

Fed Up With Platforms That

Hurt More than They Help?

Bring Sanity to Your Business

Tired of wasting money, time, and your own sanity from services that only “kind of” work? Worried that the platform that you base your business on is cobbled together on top of a rickety mound of toothpicks that requires work-around after work-around to actually use?

Summit Evergreen is a cloud-hosted application -- built around making it easy to deliver beautiful and intuitive courses to your students, and is designed by the same people who have facilitated the launch and management of some of the top names in the industry -- so we know what features are key to creating a smooth online experience, and which ones are just fancy window dressing.

No More "Update" Downtime

Most membership sites rely on WordPress, and have to play nicely with updates and all its plugins. Updating your site can bring it down for hours or days, resulting in users who run old version of WordPress -- creating insecure sites that are easy targets for hackers.

With Summit Evergreen, everything is hosted in the cloud — which means no versions to worry about, automatic updates, and you get every update installed instantly, and securely, for free.

Say Goodbye to Wordpress Instability

While WordPress runs 23% of all websites in the world, it still has a hard time standing up to traffic surges. While a blog going down can be considered an acceptable loss, what happens when your Membership platform goes down when someone is trying to purchase your course? And what if that downtime comes during your big sales promotion? Now your paying customers can't access your course — or worse yet, could never pay you in the first place.

Summit Evergreen is built on some of the sturdiest servers in the business, and is designed to be fast — so that your customers can always purchase your courses, with no technical issues.

Keep WordPress for your marketing -- and let us handle the mission-critical aspects of your business.

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Integrates with these fine services (and many others)

Amazing Tools To Grow Your Business

For Every Summit Evergreen User

Student Analytic Tools

Understanding and connecting with your students is the best way to create customer loyalty. And loyal customers are the best way to increase your lifetime value.

We make Data Mining a breeze with Summit Evergreen's lesson followups and analytic features. Students will access the site and after engaging with your pre-prepared content you can assign homework, show webinars or have them complete custom surveys or polls.

Your students will be able to reply and provide valuable feedback about your products that will allow you to not only to "get to know" your customers, but personalize your products with ease.

100% Personalized Branding

When trying to build a product and a brand, the last thing you want is your hosting platform getting all the credit. You didn't work hard to be "That guy on Udemy." Your greatest asset is your individuality -- which is why we stay out of the way. Emails are sent from your address, the shopping cart has your logo on it, and we don't put our logo or brand anywhere we don't have to legally.

We also have a wide selection of themes, provided right out of the box, that are point-and-click easy to customize. Want more customization? Set up your own custom themes with our easy to use templating language that ANY web developer can start using immediately.

Reduce Your Support Load

It's amazing how much a simple-to-use course system, and a platform built around being easy for your students to use, can reduce your support costs, improve your customer service, and lower the number of emails coming into your inbox.

Support is a major part of any business, and we've worked with some of the top names in the industry to make sure our student experience is simple and easy to use. That translates to less time you have to worry about support, and more time for you to create and maintain amazing courses.

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Meet the Only People
You'll Ever Need to Know

Rachel Kersten

Founder, CMO

With over 16 years of leading operations smoothly, Rachel's passionate about creating a great experience for everyone - by deeply understanding the customer. Her experience in business, marketing and technology allows her to see the big picture, and also know the detail that is required to achieve the end goal. It's very natural for Rachel to ask a lot of questions.

Keith Perhac

Founder, CTO

With over 15 years of technical and marketing experience working with some of the top names in the online content industry, Keith leads the development and feature team with a particular eye to features that benefit both students and content owners. Keith annoys the team most with his insatiable drive for ease of use and perfection in everything he builds.

Rebecca Lay

Customer Concierge

Rebecca has over a decade of customer service experience. From retail to restaurants and eventually spending most of her career at a top rated insurance company, Rebecca knows how to manage and ultimately give customers a top notch experience. Rebecca currently resides in Westland, Michigan with her husband and two kids.

Scott Patterson

Software Engineer

Jed Tiotuico

Software Engineer

Raphael Gaschignard

Software Engineer

Blake Harrison


The quality of the customer experience in Summit Evergreen took [our] product to a whole new level we've never seen before.

Jordan Reasoner, Co-Founder of SCDLifestyle

Plans and Pricing

No matter what level you're at, we have a plan for you.
All with our 30-day free trial & complimentary on-boarding service.


$99 per month
$83 per month (save $198)
  • Concierge Service
  • 1 Course
  • 200 Active Students*
  • 1 Tier per Course
  • 10GB Storage
  • 50GB Traffic / month
  • Custom Domain
  • Retention Dashboards


$249 per month
$208 per month (save $498)
  • Concierge Service
  • 5 Courses
  • 1,000 Active Students*
  • 3 Tiers per Course
  • 20GB Storage
  • 100GB Traffic / month
  • Custom Domain
  • Retention Dashboards


$499 per month
$416 per month (save $998)
  • Concierge Service
  • 10 Courses
  • 5,000 Active Students*
  • 5 Tiers per Course
  • 50GB Storage
  • 150GB Traffic / month
  • Custom Domain
  • Retention Dashboards

Still working on your course? Try our Bootstrapper plan! Only $10/month for up to 20 Active Students!

* Active Students are the number of students who log into your course over the month.

All Plans Come With:

Concierge Service

Don't know where to start? Our support staff will guide you through moving your information courses into Evergreen Learning. Already have it in another system? We'll import it for you.

30-Day Free Trial

Get started with no risk. Set up your information course and evergreen your business's revenue. If you don't see improvements in your first month, cancel and owe nothing.

A Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not thrilled with our service, we do not want your money. We will refund any payment made within the last thirty days if you are unsatisfied for any reason.

Questions and Answers

What if I'm not ready with my content?

No worries! We provide a 30-day free trial so that you can get your content ready for your students. Take our free course on how to position your course, talk to our support staff, and set up your information course and evergreen your business's revenue. If you don't see improvements in your first month, cancel and owe nothing.

If I have questions about Summit Evergreen, who can I talk to?

We do our level best to answer all emails within 24 hours. All questions are answered by our in-house support team and lead engineer. (Your business is too important to trust to a call center.)

Will I be stuck in a long-term contract?

There are no long-term contracts with Summit. We bill monthly, and you can cancel at any time. And with our Money-Back Guarantee, if you are not thrilled with our service, we do not want your money. We will refund any payment made within the last thirty days if you are unsatisfied for any reason.

Can I charge people for access to my courses?

Of course! Summit Evergreen supports both paid and free membership courses. Distribute your courses to your current list, or start a whole new student group with a paid course. We even handle all the processing backend magic for you. Already have a shopping cart or email system set up? Check out who we integrate with on our Integrations Page

Where do I install Summit Evergreen?

No installs necessary! Summit Evergreen is a fully hosted platform, which means that all of your course content and user data stays on our secure servers, safe from prying hands. Want to take your content with you? Contact our support staff, and we'll send you a file with all of your content.

Do I still own the content I put in my course?

Yes indeed! Any content or student data you put on your site is completely owned by you. We don't have permission to email or contact your students, and we don't own any of the intellectual property or ideas you put into Summit Evergreen.

What if I go over my plan limit?

Got more customers than your plan allows? Congratulations! We're not going to stop customers from paying you or cut off your service or anything like that. When you go over your allotted users for the month, we'll send you a friendly email asking if you want to upgrade. (We usually don't even care if you're 10-20 users over every once in a while. But since your students pay you, we'd love it if you'd consider upgrading).

What if I'm already on another system?
(Wordpress, Wishlist Member, Kajabi, etc)

Our concierge service is happy to help you move your existing data over from another system. We support importing from WordPress, Wishlist Member, Kajabi, Word Documents, Google Docs, Hand-drawn manuscripts and many more! (ok, maybe not that last one).

See what the benefits are with our Alternative to Wishlist Member, and Alternative to Kajabi

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