Why Should You Evergreen?

Re-purpose existing content, build a suite of online courses, and watch your membership soar!

Write once, Sell Forever

Traditional online courses aren't evergreened. That means you need to re-launch your product every time you want to increase revenue. Gathering marketing materials, creating content, configuring shopping carts correctly, dealing with lead generation, creating a marketing funnel... That's effort that you could put into improving your product, or even launching a completely different product.

What if you could launch once, and then continue sales without lifting a finger? Summit Evergreen guides you through setting up your information product's content drip system -- that sends each customer through a timed lesson plan. Dripped content reduces refunds and adds perceived value to your content - with no extra work from you. Present your ideas in easy to understand lessons, which are automatically distributed to your customers on a schedule you decide.

Evergreen content,
With a personal touch

One of the hardest things to accomplish with evergreen content is making it seem live to the users. No one wants to be User34642 to go through a course. Summit Evergreen takes all the complication out of setting up and delivering your timed content. Our scheduled content drip allows you to deliver unique and personalized emails right to your customer's inboxes -- from your email address, on a schedule that you decide. And all emails and content are personalized towards the user, and sent out at their local time, so you never have to worry about people getting email about your content in the middle of the night -- don't be just another email in their inbox.

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Beautiful and Individualized

Stand out from the crowd, build authority, and let your expertise shine!

Your Products

at the right price, to the right people

Summit Evergreen lets you implement tiered pricing structures for your products -- a strategy proven to dramatically increase sales revenue. Tiered membership levels let you slice and dice your Product's content into levels like "Standard," "Pro," and "Master" -- easily providing special content for only for higher-level customers.

You're special

Let your Individuality shine

When trying to build a product and a brand, the last thing you want is your hosting platform getting all the credit. You didn't work hard to be "That guy on Udemy." Your greatest asset is your individuality -- which is why we stay out of the way. Emails are sent from your address, the shopping cart has your logo on it, and we don't put our logo or brand anywhere we don't have to legally.

Amazing Content

Now add some soul, and wow your customers!

Say goodbye to drab and lifeless content. Summit Evergreen comes prepackaged with themes designed by our talented design department. Switch themes at the touch of a button, keeping all of your brand colors and options just how you like them. Want more flexibility? Create your own personal theme with our powerful Summit templating system.

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Understand your customers

Learn what your students love (or hate) about your course! Iterate and Improve!

A complete customer hub — set up in minutes

Summit Evergreen allows you to sell membership-only product courses, offer 1-click upsells and downsells, manage customers, automate customer service, track critical retention metrics and a lot more. No matter what level you're at, Summit Evergreen has the power you need to maximize your revenue by evergreening your product, and understanding your customers.

Learn from your customers
And give them more of what they want

We make Data Mining a breeze with Summit Evergreen's lesson followups and analytic features. Students will access the site and after engaging with your pre-prepared content you can assign homework, show webinars or have them complete custom surveys or polls. Your users will be able to reply and provide valuable feedback about your products that will allow you to not only to "get to know" your customers, but personalize your products with ease.

Building a Community has never been easier

Customers who are part of a community stick around longer -- and helping build a strong community within your product can massively increase retention, and increase sales through word-of-mouth. Allow users to post comments right alongside your lessons -- and interact with them directly. And with our personalized automated emails, messages and other features, you can create a sense of connection with your customers -- even if those emails were written months ago.

Customer Analytics that will wow you

Summit Evergreen is more than just a platform for delivering amazing evergreened content. It's a customer-tracking platform designed by the same people who have facilitated the launch and management of some of the top names in the industry -- and who to better know what data is important to growing your company's bottom line. Want to know your customer lifetime value? Want to know your refund rate? Want to know your retention rate? How about your cross-sell and upsell relationships between your products and membership tiers? Without these numbers, it's impossible to make decisions, improve weakness, and intelligently scale your business. We make it easy with real-time dashboard reporting, and analytic engineers always looking for the best new way to connect the data that matters to you and your company.

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The Technical Nitty Gritty

(Psst! There is none)

You Write, We do the rest

Summit Evergreen is easy to use, so there's no need to hire a technical crew. There is nothing difficult to install or complicated to set up. No need to deal with FTP, HTML, CSS, PHP, or any other of 1000 tech-whatzit acronyms. You can be up and running in one day so you can focus on what you're good at – writing and producing amazing content!

Content Delivery, Guaranteed

For high-traffic courses, every minute your site's down can mean thousands of dollars of lost revenue. Every time a customer doesn't receive their content, it's a potential for them to refund. Rest easy, and leave the product delivery hassles to us. Summit Evergreen is deeply integrated with our shopping cart so there is never a disconnect when people purchase. We host all your content for you, and our servers are some of the most rock-solid in the business – so you know your content is fully protected and reliable. You also have an option to integrate Summit Evergreen with a caching or delivery network to make it amazingly fast for your users!

Secure, up-to-date and built to handle whatever you throw at it

Summit Evergreen is a cloud-based application, and is maintained and monitored 24/7 by our dedicated engineers, over 3 continents. (US, Japan and Netherlands -- Someone is always up and caffeinated). We keep all the servers, software and hardware patched and up-to-date, which means no extra headache for you, and peace of mind for everyone. And whenever we roll updates to new features -- yeah, you get those for free. And traffic surges? All our servers scale automatically when we get hit with lots of traffic, which means that even if you get on the front page of Huffington Post, we'll still be delivering your content.

Fully integrated shopping carts and support

Summit Evergreen provides you with a suite of automated customer support tools, reducing your support time and efforts. All the shopping cart and product management options are baked right in to the platform -- all you need is a payment account, which we'll help you set up. One place to manage everything, and we always keep your billing and access rights in sync, so you never have to use two systems to manage your business. Already have a payment gateway? We probably support it. If not, give us a ring -- we may support it soon.

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