Welcome to The Feature Feature! This recurring series shows you the newest features that have just been added to Summit Evergreen, along with tips and tricks to get the most out of the platform. We’re always optimizing to make your life easier, your courses better, and your results stronger.

Today’s Feature: Pre-populated User Variables

What is it?

When someone opts in to your email list, the name and email address that they’ve just provided during the signup are automatically populated into their course checkout form.

What it means for you (and your students)

Filling out online forms is one of the most teeth-grinding experiences ever, whether you’re opting into an email list, signing up for a free service, or making a credit card purchase. One form field too many, and you can push potential students from “I’m interested” to “I’m out of here!”

That’s why we always advise our course instructors to keep their form fields to a minimum. Another solution is to pre-populate some of those fields, so that your student arrives at a form that’s already partially complete. With a simple autofill, you’re giving them a huge wave of relief instead of that sinking feeling of “Form Dread.” And that can make all the difference between someone who completes a purchase and someone who doesn’t.

It’s one of those small details that makes a big impact.

Start using it

This feature requires no work on your part — it’s built right into the platform and will happen automatically when your students opt-in to your email list and proceed to purchase a course. All you need to do is make sure that the user’s name and email are passed in the URL’s query string, like so:


Just another way we’re making your students’ experience as seamless as possible.

Check back soon for more Feature Features.

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