At Summit Evergreen, we know all about giving customers first-class service. It’s what we do every day — making sure your experience using our membership site platform is fast, easy, and profitable. We’ve learned a lot about customer service from years of consulting with a wide range of companies and entrepreneurs. We’ve also learned a […]

Do you have what it takes to be great? According to management consultant Jim Collins, only a handful of companies have the keys to unlock a high level of success. In his book “Good to Great,” he outlines the variables that help transition businesses from okay to outstanding. One overarching factor? The ability to focus, […]

Whoops. …You created a new product. …You gave it a sexy name. …You went all-out in search of publicity. …You offered cool opt-ins and attracted fantastic new subscribers. …You waited two weeks for the excitement to die down and to get yourself in order, and now you’re ready to email your list for the first […]

Let’s talk about college. For many people, college is one of the best experiences of their lives. Here’s why: It’s socially engaging, with lots of cool, like-minded people looking to get to know each other. It’s intellectually stimulating, with classes and professors pumping you full of exciting new ideas. You feel a sense of connection […]