A few years ago, we were tasked with building a membership site for one of our clients.

We tried in vain to find the perfect out-of-the-box platform to meet this challenge, but kept coming up empty. Even products that seemed solid lacked basic features that were critical to creating a tenable solution. They couldn’t integrate with email services, payment processors, or commenting systems. We just weren’t satisfied with the options out there.

So, we decided to build something from scratch.

It wasn’t long before a different client came to us with the same need. And another. And another.

We quickly realized that everyone from first-time online marketers to Fortune 500 companies was clamoring for a better way to produce and distribute online courses to their users. It was time to transform our handcrafted, built-from-scratch solution into a fully integrated, scalable product that could meet just about anyone’s goals. A product that could help spread knowledge to eager students while providing valuable data and analytics to teachers.

And that’s exactly what we did.

First, we hunkered down and got to work. Over the last few years, we’ve researched, coded, tested, and retested to create the best content distribution platform on the market: Summit Evergreen.

Summit Evergreen is an online course builder that’s accessible to everyone. Whether you have one product or one thousand…one user or one million…we’ve built this platform to work for you.

With Summit, we’ve integrated all of the features you could ever dream of into one system. Creating the course is just the beginning. You can also automatically drip your content and deploy your email marketing funnels. Course portals can be customized to show off your brand. You’re able to track your students’ progress from “prospect” to “graduate,” in addition to collecting feedback and data from them along the way. Payment processing is easy and secure, and you can grow your product offerings with just a few clicks.

One other thing: we’re truly proud of the time and energy we’ve invested in making this a solid, technically sound enterprise solution that’s in it for the long haul. There are too many fly-by-night products on the market already. We overbuilt Summit on purpose, loading it with horsepower that can take you as far as you want to go.

That’s our promise: we’re committed to elevating our product, elevating your business, and elevating the entire industry.

We love nothing more than the incredible feeling of helping someone’s business get better. We’ve spent decades working with start-ups, global corporations, and entrepreneurs. We understand the challenges people face when trying to grow, and we’ve seen the joy on their faces when they realize how easy it is to share their expertise using Summit.

The first time a Summit client told us that their weekly product fulfillment time dropped from 20 hours to five minutes, we were beyond thrilled. That kind of efficiency can make the difference between a reactive business that’s always running to catch up, and a proactive business that’s able to thrive.

At Summit Evergreen, we’re passionately committed to helping you thrive.

Keith Perhac and Rachel Kersten

P.S. We love feedback, comments, and suggestions. Email us anytime (keith@summitevergreen.com or rachel@summitevergreen.com) and tell us what’s on your mind. Have an idea for a new product feature? We’d love to hear it.

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