It’s no surprise, whether you’re a Summit Evergreen beginner or veteran, questions come up.   Here at Summit Evergreen we strive for excellence and customer satisfaction and we’ve received all levels of questions. In this article we’d like to address some of the most common FAQ’s by both newbie and oldie Summit Evergreen users. We hope that you find what you’re looking for!

#1: How do I collect payments with Summit Evergreen?

Here at Summit Evergreen we are experts on delivering your content to your students. Instead of building an end-all, be-all software that is all-in-one solution, we focus on content delivery and integrate with other software providers that are experts in their field –  shopping cart, video hosting, helpdesk software, etc.  

We know that you’re not going to be offering your course for free, so in order to collect money you’ll need to integrate with another piece of software. Both Stripe and PayPal are good options if you’re just starting out.  Their simplified set-up process makes it super easy and quick to begin collecting payments, as you get more sophisticated Summit Evergreen also integrates with choices like Ontraport or Infusionsoft.  

Summit Evergreen also has an access code feature that can be used to run Groupon or Amazon campaigns, or grant free access to anyone.  We also offer a custom API option if you have a technical background or have someone on your team with that skill set.

Check out Summit Evergreen’s recent article The Definitive Guide to the Software & Services You Need to Start Selling Information Products – 2nd Edition. This will give you a plethora of information regarding current cart integrations.

#2: What the heck is a tier?

Summit Evergreen Tiers are used so that you can offer different levels of access to the same course. You will have a multitude of customers and all customers want something different. You have some who may only want or can only afford the bare minimum and some that want the VIP experience. Let’s say you have a course called “How to Meal Prep”, and you want to offer different levels of the course to your students – Bronze, Silver and Gold.  The Bronze course will offer the bare minimum.  Examples of meals, important food choices and maybe one week of meal prep.  The Silver course will offer everything that the Bronze course offers but will include a standard grocery list and simple at-home exercises.  The Gold course will cost the most and offer the most.  It will come with everything that the Bronze and Silver courses offers but so much more goodness.  It will offer detailed weekly grocery lists, intense exercise routines with videos on how to do them, weekly challenges, etc.

Summit Evergreen makes it easy to manage tiered pricing. You can create multiple tiers within your course and designate which pages of content are shared, and which pages of content are exclusive to certain tiers. This way there is no need to edit multiple pages and create multiple products for shared content. If different tiers share access to a page, you only need to edit that one shared page. Each tier can have it’s own syllabus and drip too!

#3: Can I customize the look of my Summit Evergreen course?

Definitely. This is one of the reasons Summit Evergreen can be your best solution for your online course. It is super easy to create content and use one of our standard themes. With very little technology knowledge, you can change colors, navigation menus, have access to pages of content with videos/images, and the general look/feel. For the more technical users you can modify the code and customize your course to look exactly how you want it to.

#4: Can I set up my sales page in Summit Evergreen?

Summit Evergreen focuses on delivering content to students. So, while you are able to make a page public in Summit Evergreen, we don’t recommend that you use this for your sales page.  We recommend that you use Summit Evergreen strictly for content delivery.

Ultimately, the most important part of your sales page is going to be your message. We recommend that you spend time talking to your potential customers in their own language. Take the time explaining how you understand their pain points and have a solution that will teach them what they need to know. What is most important is that you spend time perfecting your sales copy, then perfecting your page design, which is why we recommend templated solutions like WordPress and LeadPages to create your sales or landing page.  

#5: Can I send emails with Summit Evergreen?

The short answer is yes. With Summit Evergreen, you can set up course related emails to be sent on a time release schedule. These are the emails that are sent out after a lead purchases your course. Whether it’s to check in on the customer, to advise new content has been released or to remind students to complete homework, Summit Evergreen has this functionality built right in. It’s also completely evergreen, so your students will get emails based on the day that they signed up for your course.

The long answer is that Summit Evergreen isn’t meant to be a complete email solution. Not everyone that’s on your email list is going to purchase and create a Summit Evergreen account. For broadcast messages and standard email marketing, we recommend something like MailChimp, it’s clean, easy to use and perfect for a beginner. If you’re more advanced and need a CRM you check out Infusionsoft.  It goes above and beyond email service and you’ll pay quite a bit more, but for your growing business it’s worth it. There are plenty of other options available and we cover it in depth in our Tech Stack article.

#6: Can I create a free promotional course in Summit Evergreen?

Absolutely! Summit Evergreen has several customers who do just this! It’s super easy to create a free promotional course. When you create a free course it allows your students to register, create a password and access it without providing any credit card information. Additionally, in your free course, you can put in the option to “up-sell” to a premium course. In our Knowledge Base section on Summit Evergreen, we guide you step-by-step on Creating a Free Marketing Course.

#7: Do you have examples of customers courses?

It is not uncommon for new customers to want to see an example of other Summit Evergreen customer’s courses. We understand how important it is to get a visual example of a course, just to see how the software works and how awesome your course is going to look from a student’s perspective. So, we decided to put together a video tour of some our favorite courses in Summit Evergreen. These videos are perfect visual examples of the feel your students will get when they start taking your online course. What know that what your course looks like is very important. Take a look at more of what courses look like in Summit Evergreen.

#8: How does everything fit together (my shopping cart, sales page and membership site)?

This is a common question we’re asked, and sometimes consultants come on board to help through the process, but if you’re a one man show – then we have some tips for you. To sell an online course one of the most important things is being able to collect money from your customers. To do this you’ll need shopping cart software. If you are just starting out and don’t want to deal with the headache of a merchant account, something like PayPal or Stripe would be a good place to start. At Summit Evergreen, we integrate out of the box with Stripe and provide a checkout page for you to use, so it’s easy to get started within a matter of minutes. is the King of Simple, but your customers will have to get redirected to PayPal to complete their purchase. Regardless of what you choose, you have to choose something!

The next piece of the puzzle is your sales page. Since it’s more important that you spend time perfecting your sales copy than perfecting your page design, we recommend templated solutions like WordPress and LeadPages to create your sales or landing page. Somewhere on your sales page you’ll have a “buy now” button. You’ll need to link this button to the URL of your product order form (you’ll get that from your shopping cart software or Summit Evergreen depending on the shopping cart software you’re using).

The final piece of the puzzle is your membership site. After a purchase, a customer should ideally have instant access to your course. To do this, you’ll need to integrate your shopping cart software with your membership site software. Then after a purchase, your shopping cart software will notify your membership site software, and tell it to create an account for the new student.  With Summit Evergreen adjust a few settings and you’re ready to sell.

Here is the purchase process simplified:

  • Lead lands on your sales page.
  • Lead decides to purchase and clicks your “buy now” button.
  • Lead is taken to a shopping cart order form where they can enter payment information and complete their purchase.
  • After their payment is taken, the customer is redirected to the membership site where they enter their password and have immediate access to your course.

Summit Evergreen strives for customer service. If you have a question that we have not talked about, please email us at and we will get back to you with answers right away…we always love to hear from our customers!!

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