It’s no surprise, whether you’re a Summit Evergreen beginner or veteran, questions come up. Here at Summit Evergreen we strive for excellence and customer satisfaction and we’ve received all types of questions related to building online courses. We’d like to talk about some recent questions that have come up from some of our customers.

Can I moderate student comments?

Yes, you can moderate student comments now. A few months back we rolled out our new Comment Management System. In case you didn’t hear about it, this allows you to see and manage all of your student comments in one central location. In addition to this, we added in the ability for students to reply to a specific comment that was made, as well as the ability to moderate comments.

The best part about moderating comments is that it’s super easy to set up. In your product settings you’ll check the box “Staff will moderate comments,” and this will require comments to be approved before they’re displayed Comments can also be approved, unapproved, deleted or restored at any time.

When the moderating option is selected, Summit Evergreen will notify you by email once per day when a new comment needs to be approved. In addition, you’ll see a notification on your product dashboard when comments are pending approval.

You can read more about our comment management system and how you can moderate student comments here:

Can I resend emails to my students?

Yes, you can definitely resend emails to students, and we try to make it as easy as possible. Sometimes students may not get a course related email, or they may have deleted it in error – whatever the reason is – sometimes you need to resend an email to a student.

Summit Evergreen will let you resend any course related email to a student at any time. All you need to do is locate the student record and you’ll be able to select and send any of the emails loaded in the account to that particular student.

You can read more about how we can help you communicate with your customers here:

Can I require that students complete a quiz or survey with Summit Evergreen?

Yes, students can be required to complete a quiz or survey before moving forward to the next section in the syllabus. Students can also be required to achieve a minimum score before moving on to the next section. Enabling this option can help students get better results from your course because you are ensuring they understand the basics before moving on to more advanced content.

It only takes a few steps to set this up:

  • Enable the option: Require lessons to be completed in order
  • Load your quiz or survey and select which answers are correct
  • Update the quiz or survey settings with the minimum passing score

You can read more about quizzes and surveys here:

What are user profile questions and how would I use them?

Sometimes it can be helpful to ask students questions upon sign-up of your course. Perhaps you need their address so you can mail them something, or you want to get their phone number or twitter handle. Whatever the information is that you need, a great way to get it is by using these profile questions.

These are questions that you set up within Summit Evergreen, and the student will be asked to answer them during the registration process. The answers are saved and can be viewed in the student’s profile, or exported, at any time.

User profile questions can be either a short or long text answer, and are easily set up by dragging and dropping in the individual course settings.

Learn more about this feature here:

Can I still use Summit Evergreen if you don’t integrate with my payment processor?

We get this question often, and yes you can still use Summit Evergreen – even if we don’t integrate with your payment processor. There are two ways students can gain access to your course after making a successful payment if an integration isn’t available with your payment processor. The first option is to manually add students to your course. This is very easy to do, and might be the right solution if you have a handful of students or are just getting started.

There is a second option if you want to avoid manually adding students, and that is to set up a free marketing course. When you create a free course, Summit Evergreen will produce a URL. When this link is clicked a student is prompted to create a password and then gains instant access to the course. If Summit Evergreen doesn’t integrate with your payment processor, you can set this URL as the “thank-you page,” so a student is directed here after a successful purchase.

These are just a few of the common FAQ’s we received lately. Remember we have a full documentation site to help while you are creating your online course, you can check that out here:

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please email us at and we will get back to you with answers right away.

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