You already know that Summit Evergreen is the easiest, fastest way to deliver high quality online courses to your students. But a lot of people have been asking us if they can peek behind the scenes into the lives of people who are successfully hosting courses on Summit Evergreen. In this series, we’ll periodically feature real users to show you what the experience is really like.

If you’ve been following us for a while, you know that we value being honest, trustworthy, and aboveboard in everything we do. We’re committed to showing you the inner workings of Summit Evergreen customers: from the problems they’ve faced to the solutions we’ve helped them create. We’ll show you the warts-and-all process of building a business, overcoming doubt, and creating happy students.

Today, we’re talking with Jessica Morrod of The Genius Equation. We’ll let Jessica tell her story from here:

jessicamorrodJessica, a woman with a doctorate (PhD) in Experimental Semiconductor Physics, while working at laboratory in France, emerges from working in a research field she had studied for so long, to Coach Entrepreneurs in transition to find and use their unique Genius. Not your typical everyday story, but not far fetched.

It’s not a surprise when you hear a story of someone who has worked so hard; years and years of college, only to end up being completely disconnected from where they have ended up. Like some, Jessica was just that; dissatisfied, felt like she was fighting against the tide, questioning what she really wanted to do with her life.

Jessica began working as the Head of Postgraduate Development at the University of Cambridge. She established and grew a team, building programs and workshops to support students in the early stages of their research careers. She began to realize that the majority of these students were asking themselves the same questions she had asked herself at one point in time; What do I really want to do with my life?

Leaving her safe job at the University of Cambridge was her next big step. She was hooked on guiding people to find and use their uniqueness and coaching them on how to find the best use of their inner resources. Soon after, she set out to launch The Genius Equation.

Initially making a successful business out of coaching was a struggle. She used Facebook groups and email to circulate her information and she realized quickly, in order to be successful, she needed a learning platform to easily deliver her information to a large number of people. Her search to find a system that did exactly what she wanted and had in mind wasn’t easy. Then she found Summit Evergreen.

Summit Evergreen proved to be exactly what she needed to build her business, from the smoothness of creating content and programs and slick platform, to the excellent personalized customer service. Summit Evergreen allowed her to share her coaching courses to a large number of people, all on one customized platform. Once she got her content up she was overwhelmed with praise on the level of professionalism that her product provided. Summit Evergreen had taken her business to the next level. She only wishes she would have found this platform years ago, “My business would have been built so much faster if I had this platform a long time ago.”

Summit Evergreen has provided so much more than just a platform for her courses, it’s provided her clients a level of trust and confidence in her. Her business has increased in numbers and she knows that Summit Evergreen will be able to grow and adapt with her products and programs.

Jessica is now able to deliver her strategies in a much larger way than one-on-one and connect that with her transformational coaching. She can reach so many more people who are struggling and wondering what’s next in their life. The best use of her inner resources is helping others find that satisfaction, fulfilment and success in their lives and Summit Evergreen helps her achieve that.

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