You already know that Summit Evergreen is the easiest, fastest way to deliver high quality online courses to your students. But a lot of people have been asking us if they can peek behind the scenes into the lives of people who are successfully hosting courses on Summit Evergreen. In this series, we’ll periodically feature real users to show you what the experience is really like.

If you’ve been following us for a while, you know that we value being honest, trustworthy, and aboveboard in everything we do. We’re committed to showing you the inner workings of Summit Evergreen customers: from the problems they’ve faced to the solutions we’ve helped them create. We’ll show you the warts-and-all process of building a business, overcoming doubt, and creating happy students.

Today, we’re talking with Peter Arnott of The Kindle Cash Flow System. We’ll let Peter tell his story from here:

pete arnott

Not too long ago, I was sleeping on my buddy’s couch, living in Canada without a visa and no way to work.

I literally didn’t have anything to my name. I didn’t have any experience or any expertise. I didn’t have a network or an audience. I needed a cash flow, and I figured out how to make money through Kindle Publishing.

Soon, I was teaching people how to do the same thing I did: make money so they could spend more time doing the things they wanted to do, instead of working some corporate 9-5 job. I spent a lot of time doing one-on-one coaching to help people achieve their goals. Eventually, though, I needed to get some of that time back.

I decided to create a course so I could help more people without draining my time.

First, I did a rudimentary pre-sell beta launch for my new course, The Kindle Cash Flow System. People signed up, paid their money, and I gave them access to some Google Docs with all of the information I usually gave to my consulting clients.

That was okay, but it wasn’t that great of an experience for my customers. Even though the information was good, it still looked like a bunch of Google Docs—not worth paying that much for.

To add some value and make up for the apparent low quality, I gave my customers lots of one-on-one access to me, and encouraged them to reach out with their questions. People would hit me up on email and Facebook Messenger all day long. I was constantly getting messages, and they were never simple to answer. It was always a lot of back and forth, question after question. Everything snowballed and I was spending even more time and energy trying to keep up with my customers around the clock. Honestly, I dreaded opening my email and Facebook Messenger for the longest time.

My intentions were good, but the structure of this course was not sustainable. The Google Docs looked low quality, and offering one-on-one “added value” was sucking up all of the free time I was trying to get back.

If I was going to do a full launch with more students, I needed something more professional, more seamless, and of higher quality.

I couldn’t send people who didn’t know me to a sales page, ask them to buy my product, and then send them to a boring Google Doc. They weren’t going to believe that was worth their money. I needed a real course delivery platform so I could finally sell a premium product.

I checked out WishList Member, but I didn’t like the fact that you could tell the course was hosted on their platform. I wanted a white label solution that was all about The Kindle Cash Flow System, not all about WishList.

Fortunately, I have two great mentors who pushed me in the right direction. They showed me Summit Evergreen and basically said, “This is the thing you need to use.” And I never looked back.

I knew right away that Summit Evergreen was right for me. Here are the Top Five things I love about it:

1.  It’s so simple. I can’t say that enough: it was just so easy to use and push my course live. All I had to do was copy and paste the content from my Google Docs into the system and make 30 seconds worth of little tweaks. I added a lot of videos and PDFs, too, and it’s all beautifully embedded and it all works perfectly together. I literally put in the content, and that was it. Done!

I made a quick video to show you just how easy it is:

2. Summit Evergreen integrates with Stripe, PayPal and Gumroad for easy payment processing. I didn’t have to run around trying to figure out different payment platforms, I just connected it to my Stripe account and started selling.

3. The design looks great without any effort on my part—not at all like your typical internet marketing product. It’s completely white label, and my customers don’t even know they’re using the Summit Evergreen platform. All they know is that The Kindle Cash Flow System looks slick and modern, and is easy to use.

4. Because it’s such high quality, I no longer have to offer unlimited one-on-one Q&As as an added value. Instead, I host an hour long biweekly Google hangout where everyone can ask their questions at once, and see what other people are asking. This has saved me so many headaches…I can’t even begin to quantify the time and energy and pain that I no longer have to deal with.

5. Summit Evergreen’s support team is one of a kind, especially Rebecca, the amazing customer concierge! I was overwhelmed with everything I had to do for my course launch, and she was behind me every step of the way. Thanks to Summit Evergreen, The Kindle Cash Flow System launch was a smashing success. Here’s why I think so:

  • I went from no audience, no email list, and no expertise, to launching my very first course with an $18k payout and $16k in pure profit.
  • Not only that, my customers were thrilled with the product they got for their money. I have loads of emails from satisfied students telling me what a great experience they had.
  • I have a product I’m proud of, and I already know that the next course I build is going to be built on Summit Evergreen. It’s the easiest way to make something once, sell it a lot, and bring in lots of money. (Woohoo!)

I’m so passionate about Summit Evergreen, I want everyone to know about it. Here’s me talking about why you should sign up. Enjoy my Scottish accent!

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About the author: Keith is the co-founder of Summit Evergreen, and helps course authors, product creators, and self-funded businesses increase their revenue from their existing traffic.