You already know that Summit Evergreen is the easiest, fastest way to deliver high quality online courses to your students. But a lot of people have been asking us if they can peek behind the scenes into the lives of people who are successfully hosting courses on Summit Evergreen. In this series, we’ll periodically feature real users to show you what the experience is really like.

If you’ve been following us for a while, you know that we value being honest, trustworthy, and aboveboard in everything we do. We’re committed to showing you the inner workings of Summit Evergreen customers: from the problems they’ve faced to the solutions we’ve helped them create. We’ll show you the warts-and-all process of building a business, overcoming doubt, and creating happy students.

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FB2 (25)Today, we’re talking with Jordan Reasoner of SCD Lifestyle. Together with his business partner Steve Wright, Jordan teaches a small niche market of women 30-50 how to heal digestive disease through the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.

Despite having multiple products and over tens of thousands of satisfied students, things weren’t looking so hot behind the scenes at SCD Lifestyle headquarters. Jordan and Steve have a small team, and as business owners, they ended up wearing too many hats and getting overwhelmed. Their old course delivery system wasn’t doing them any favors, either. It took up far too much time and was desperate need of an upgrade.

As Jordan explains:

Before Summit Evergreen, we had a cobbled-together, hacked system. We were using a WordPress install for our ‘top tier’ program. For our lower tier program, all we had was a quick thank you page with an opt-in form that would redirect customers to another page. Our product pages would regularly show up in Google searches, so people were finding our products for free. It was not good.

With this “hacked” system in place, SCD Lifestyle struggled to maintain the level of customer service they wanted to provide.

About 70% of our customers would actually get their product after a purchase. 30% would be confused and not able to figure out how to opt in with their email to get to the next page that had their product on it.

Our team actually had to do a daily Product Delivery Audit where they had to cross reference all of the people that purchased with all the people that registered their email into the opt in form, and proactively contact those people that didn’t get their product, because usually they would refund within 24 hours of not getting the product. That was just the system we had, and we ran with that for years and years and years.

The main problem was that we had probably one of the worst customer experiences that I could imagine. As a business owner, your customers are your most valuable asset. Taking good care of them is one of the most important things you can do, and we were not taking good care of our customers.

It generated a lot of customer service tickets, too. We had people who were confused and frustrated, who had invested money and weren’t able to have that instant gratification that information products afford us to give our customers. So it was kind of an all-around bad deal for everyone involved.

With a refund rate hovering around 7%, Jordan and Steve knew they had to take action. They were early adopters of Summit Evergreen as soon as it became available, jumping at the opportunity to become beta testers. They were excited to make their lives easier and their customers happier.

Jordan describes how it felt to make the switch:

It was a relief!

The percentage of people who couldn’t figure out how to get their products went down from 30% to about 15%. Our target buyers are mostly women between 30-50 years old, and for many of them, this is their first information product. There will always be a percentage of our audience who are unable to figure out how to claim their product, but we’ve now cut that percentage in half.

And, Summit Evergreen has an interface where you can jump in and immediately see who has purchased and not yet logged in. The Product Delivery Audit that our customer service team were spending a couple of hours a day on, now literally takes 10 minutes.

We can log in and see the users who haven’t logged in and proactively reach out to them with their log in information. That saves a lot of time in terms of our staff, and with less people having the initial problem, they are generally more happy.

During the migration period, Keith, Rachel and Rebecca provided concierge and consulting services to ensure that SCD Lifestyle had a smooth, seamless transition. This added level of support made all the difference for Jordan and Steve. (And we were happy to help!)

There was a plethora of things that Rachel and Keith and their team trained us on in terms of onboarding. They were very supportive, making sure our team was comfortable with the system when we went live, helping us with testing, and also making sure that everything was running smoothly.

We were still using 1ShoppingCart and Infusionsoft together, and we had to make it work for both systems. It was an interesting problem we had to tackle, but Keith and Rachel were very supportive in helping me get set up. Ultimately, we got all of our products in one place for all of our customers.

Working with Keith and Rachel is blissful. They provide a tech solution that I have been waiting years for. Once it was set up and running smoothly, it made my life easier, it made my customers’ experience better, it made my team’s life easier. Now that it’s set up, everything just runs. I don’t have to worry about it. It’s something that I have become very aware of: how much I don’t have to think about it, which is nice when you’re a business owner with a lot going on. The last thing you want is something else you have to think and worry about. And I don’t have to do that with my customer experience.

SCD Lifestyle’s first product launch using Summit Evergreen was their most successful ever. Their “Solving Leaky Gut” program was a home run in terms of customer satisfaction, behind-the-scenes processes, and revenue. Now that Jordan and Steve know what they can accomplish with the platform, it’s changed their whole vision of the future.

Summit Evergreen has changed the way we think about creating our products.

We’ve started to think about incorporating next-level behavior change into products at a higher price point. For example, we could use the survey feature to require people to check in and tell us about their health before they can do the material that day. Then we can show customers that data to show them how the product helped them over time based on the feedback they’ve been giving us.

We’re starting to think about ways we can make the customer experience better, and we’re also thinking about ways we can make the customers’ results better. We can use Summit as a tool instead of just a page with a product on it where there’s no engagement or interaction with the customer.

 Here’s a peek behind the curtain at SCD Lifestyle’s awesome course:

It’s great to see a Summit Evergreen user getting creative with the many features the platform has to offer. Jordan’s focus on improving the customer experience is just one of the reasons SCD Lifestyle is having their most successful year ever. No longer do Jordan, Steve and their small team have to wear a thousand hats to keep the business functioning. With Summit Evergreen, their lives are easier and their customers are happier than ever.

Is your business stuck in a rut with a cobbled together content delivery solution? It doesn’t have to be that way. You can upgrade your customer service experience, make your life easier, and boost your revenue with a simple switch to Summit Evergreen. It worked for SCD Lifestyle – and it can work for you.

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