Are you an online course newbie who’s just getting started? A seasoned veteran who’s ready to grow their business? Wherever you are in the world of productized consulting, we have the resources you need to take yourself to the next level. Below, you’ll find curated lists of helpful articles for wherever you are in the process — beginning to end. Enjoy!

I’m just starting out in the world of information products and online courses. I don’t even have a solidified idea yet. I need some basics to get myself going!

If You Can Tie Your Shoes, You Can Teach an Online Course

Whip Up Your First Online Course (It’s Easier Than You Think) – Part 1

Whip Up Your First Online Course (It’s Easier Than You Think) – Part 2

Focus Makes Perfect: Finding Your Most Successful Niche

The Definitive Guide to the Software and Services You Need to Start Selling Information Products

I already have a product (like an e-book or PDF) and I’m ready to transform it into a profitable online course. What do I do now?

The Psychology Behind Why People Don’t Value PDFs, No Matter How Great the Content

Write It Once, Share It Forever: Harnessing the Power of Evergreen Content

The Beginner’s Guide to Dripped Content

How to Transform Any Product Into a Premium Product

Why Video Is the Future of Online Learning

What to Say and How to Say It: Our Goof-proof Plan for Video Domination (Part 1)

What to Say and How to Say It: Our Goof-proof Plan for Video Domination (Part 2)

I already have an online course, but I’m ready to grow my business. Help me get bigger, better, and more profitable.

Do You Have a Good Course — Or a Great Course?

Why Tiered Pricing is the Only Way to Price Your Product

Upgrade Your Technology, Upgrade Your Sales: When to Make the Switch

Why You Should Give Your Online Course a Facelift

67% of Businesses Don’t Protect Customer Data. Do You?

15 Stats that Will Change the Way You Think About Mobile

The Must-Have Feedback Tool No Course Should Be Without

Does Your Course Creation Platform Play Well with Others?

My First Consultant: Outsourcing Your Annoying Business Headaches

I need help growing and managing an effective email list. I want to turn people into subscribers, and subscribers into paying students.

Beef Up Your Email List Using Free Carrot Content

Why Your 100k Email List Just Isn’t Good Enough

Forget the Funnel: Turn Readers Into Customers with an Obstacle Course

Prevent Subscriber Burnout with Our Healthy Email List Handbook

Embrace Variety! Increase Opt-Ins with Tasty Super-Targeted Content

Before You Email Your List — Read This First.

Which Type of Email User Are You?

I’m ready to promote, market, or launch my course — and I need help!

Fight Self-Doubt and Promote Your Product with Confidence

The Only Successful Way to Launch Is Not to Launch (Here’s What to Do Instead)

Escape the Clutches of “Crazy Launch Mode” with Evergreen Automation

Want Your Launch to Crash and Burn? Don’t Use Our Pre-Launch Testing Checklist

How Collecting Data Can Make You a Better Marketer, Instantly

Are You Looking for Product Promotion in All the Wrong Places?

Steve Jobs Was Wrong: Why Marketing Isn’t a Dirty Word

I’m already selling a course, but I want to pump up my profits by turning one-time students into loyal repeat customers.

10 Tips for a Lifelong Relationship with Your Customers

The Morning After: How to Show Post-Purchase Customer Appreciation

Customer Service Strategies from the World’s Best (and Worst) Companies

7 College-Approved Secrets to Gaining Happy, Lifelong Students

The Ups, Downs, Ins, and Outs of Upsells, Down-Sells and Cross-Sells

Want Better Customers? Start Charging More.

Defeating the Secret Scary Syndrome of Information Hoarding

“Aha Moments” from the 2014 BaconBiz Conference You Can Implement Today

I’m a Summit Evergreen user, and I want to get the most out of the platform. Show me a few features I may not have tried yet that will increase the value of my course.

The Feature Feature: Quizzes and Locked Progressions

The Feature Feature: Prepopulated User Variables

Why the CMS Is the Unsung Hero of Content Creators Everywhere

I just need some good, old-fashioned motivation!

The World’s Most Successful People Didn’t Wait for Perfection (and Neither Should You)

Success Stories: Behind the Scenes with Real Summit Evergreen Users. Episode 1: Amy Kauffman

We Want to Help You Grow. Here’s Why. (A Message from the Founders)

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