You know that one friend who can never find anything? You’re ready to walk out the door and they are scurrying to find their car keys, their sunglasses, chap-stick…they may even have to make sure they turned their shower off. Just completely disorganized, aka scatter-brained. They have no system. And the misplaced car keys, sunglasses and chap-stick are just a couple symptoms of their disorganization.

Think about someone who you spend a good amount of time with or somebody that you are close to. Think about which one of these scenarios best fits them.

Left Brained Lucy
Lucy is always disoriented. She usually has no clue what is going on, just kind of going through the motions and needing more guidance than not. She’s usually checked out when instructions are being given and someone has to go back and give her the details a second time. She takes notes and will probably end up losing them.

OCD Olivia
Olivia is the complete opposite. Her kitchen cupboards are precisely labeled with sugar, flour and spices. She has her task lists in order of importance and the majority of the time she completes those tasks. She never forgets your birthday, in fact you probably get your birthday card in the mail on the actual day. She is OCD and anal about everything.

Under The Rug Alice
Alice is the in between. She lives in a little bit of chaos and a little bit of organization. She is kind of disorganized but you can’t tell because everything looks put together. Under the rug, though, it’s a bit messy. Her computer folders are labeled and look so nice but when you open those folders things can be a bit confusing.

Helter-Skelter Helen
Helen lives in organized chaos. She is the one that always know where everything is but no one else can find it. She’s organized, but messy. Although things look like a mess,, they all have a home. She can find anything within 20 seconds but can’t explain where those things are.

So, let’s get down to business. Think about your business and think about your content, which one of those four profiles do you fit into? You have to choose one, or you may be more than one, but this is important.

Do you know what your content is?

Do you know where your files are?

Do you know where your files are stored?

Are they backed up?

Do you have a naming convention to the file names?

If one of your students asked you for a PDF from Module 2, Exercise 5, would you be able to easily find it or do you have no idea where it’s located?

We know, we know…keeping all your files organized takes time and thought – it’s a pain. But whether it’s in folders on your desktop, your Google Drive or in Amazon, your folders need to have proper names, consistency and structure – “Product name-Module 1, Product name- Module 2” … and so on. All of the files need to be named similarly so that your students can save it locally to their computer and it’s easy for them to find later on. If you don’t have organization and a system, your file just becomes some random PDF that is labeled, “Chapter 1” and that has no significance whatsoever.

I would say that about 90% of the people that read this are just going to blow it off, “yeah yeah yeah whatever, that’s a rainy day project,” but the 10% that take this serious (that’s YOU) will be super successful.

Take the time and do it.

Have a member or your team or your assistant take the necessary time and go in and organize everything in such a way where it can easily be found. Create a system. Once this is done, things will move rapidly. In the long run, and just in general, it lessens the amount of chaos that you have on the inside of your business.

It doesn’t matter what stage you’re in: creating your course, launching your course, or re-launching – it’s never too late to start!!

So go ahead and ask yourself two questions to get started:

  1. Where are you organized and where are you disorganized?
  2. What would an ideal structure look like?

Once you have answered these questions, get going.

Start getting organized.

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