Welcome to the Feature Feature! These feature-friendly and upgrade-packed posts are straight from the developers’ mouths — and talk about some of the cool new features that have just launched with Summit Evergreen!

Today we’re proud to announce the addition of two major payment processors to Summit Evergreen: PayPal and Gumroad!

Gumroad Integration


Woooooo! Gumroad is taking the online selling market by storm! They’re the marketplace for heavy hitters like Amy Hoy, Brennan Dunn, Nathan Barry, Eminem and Bon Jovi. (No, not kidding.)

Gumroad makes it so easy, in fact, that you can be up and selling in about 5 minutes with a Gumroad account. You don’t even need a sales page, as Gumroad can handle the whole checkout process right on their site.

Gumroad has always made it easy to sell your online goods — whether that’s PDFs, MP3s, Ebooks, or any sort of digital content. And now with our silky-smooth Summit Evergreen integration, you can distribute your online courses just as easily as you would a PDF.

Just turn on the Gumroad integration in your account menu, and copy that super secret URL into a new Gumroad product. DONE. Bada-bing, bada boom.

In fact, it’s so easy to set up, that Gumroad has our shortest integration instructions ever: http://docs.summitevergreen.com/gumroad/

We highly recommend Gumroad as a way to get up and selling in almost no time at all. (And they can pay out to PayPal as well as your bank, which makes them great for non-US sellers.)

“Selling with Gumroad was so easy that it immediately made me want to sell more products. Gumroad is the best option available.” — Nathan Barry


PayPal Integration

Whether you love them or hate them, PayPal is the most ubiquitous way to take payments on the internet. With over 161.5 MILLION active accounts — taking payments through PayPal is sometimes a must-have for online merchants.

With Summit Evergreen’s new PayPal integration, we make it easier than ever to take payments from PayPal. Just connect your PayPal account from the integrations screen, and you’re all ready to go!

Send a user a link to your checkout page, and they’ll automatically be redirected to PayPal with the correct price, SKU and payment options.

After your users are done checking out through PayPal, they’ll be automatically redirected to your course site, and can start taking your course immediately!

For more information on our PayPal integration, check out the integration documents here: http://docs.summitevergreen.com/paypal/

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