Let’s talk about awkward moments.

Remember back in high school, when you had to get a physical in order to be able to play sports? And at the doctor’s office, it was just no fun at all because you had to pee in a cup? Awkward. Very awkward.

But there was a method to the madness. The school wanted to make sure that the kids were cleared to play sports. And the doctor helped make sure that happened.

Today, we’re going to ask you to do the same thing, just for your online course. No, not pee in a cup – but go through a checkup and see where you’re at. You see, it’s so easy to forget about time, and before you know it, the year has slipped by and you haven’t done the things that you thought that you’d do. So it’s time for a check-up.

Before we get started, let’s swing back around to revisit your goals.

Do you know what your goals are? Are they written down? Do you look at them daily? If you answered yes to all three of those questions – you’re among the unicorns. It’s very common to set goals, and then get into the middle of the day to day and forget what’s important. But never fear, it’s not too late. If you’re ready to Make Your Goals a Reality in 3 Steps, then let’s get rocking and rolling.

Are you measuring a number that is related to your goals? How often do you look at that information? If you’re not measuring anything, you’re relying on anecdotal information. And let’s face it – your memory probably isn’t photogenic. Metrics Matter. Do You Know Your Numbers?

Next, let’s talk about the one thing that will make the biggest difference for your online course, which is PROOF that it works.

It’s super important to share the love. Yep. Share the love.

Sure, you know that your customers love love love you… but do you have the actual proof that you can share with prospective new customers? When was the last time that you went on a testimonial hunt?

If you’ve been slipping a bit on documenting the love – never fear, just take action. We’ve detailed out How to Get Customer Testimonials That crush Skepticism and Increase Sales.

If you’d like to dive in even deeper with a success story and create a case study, we’ll show you How to Write an Effective Case Study for Your Website. And if you’re not sure on what to do with these new testimonials and case studies… Here’s our list of 19 Places You Should Be Using Customer Testimonials and Case Studies.

Ready to take a look at the actual content of your online course?

First, be sure to re-visit the course checklist– so you’re sure that you haven’t missed anything.
Then, get ready to record some surprise bonus videos. What? Surprise! Yes, bonus videos. It’s a great way to reach out to your students and provide them more value. And, at the same time, you can start a conversation that may lead to your next big online course. Asking your students is actually The #1 Way to Create a Product Idea That Sells. And remember – when you’re working on a new course, you can be lean and Give Yourself a Head Start with a Mastermind Beta Launch.

If it’s been a little bit since you recorded videos – give yourself a quick refresher.

And things always seem to take longer than planned, so if you’re still waiting to launch – don’t beat yourself up. Focus on getting it out the door. Fight Self-Doubt and Promote Your Product with Confidence. Take a moment and look at The 10 Most Common Places People Get Stuck When Launching a Course. (PART 1) and The 10 Most Common Places People Get Stuck When Launching a Course. (PART 2)

And if you’ve launched, but you’re still dreaming of building your evergreen machine – it’s not as intimidating as it sounds. We’ve laid out the steps here in our four part series:

The wonderful thing about online courses is that the classic tried and true principles don’t change. Yes, there may be shiny new marketing tactics, but the core stays the same. So rather than chasing the ever elusive 1%, make sure that you have the 80% nailed.

Where are you at with your business? What’s holding you back?

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