Do you have what it takes to be great?

According to management consultant Jim Collins, only a handful of companies have the keys to unlock a high level of success. In his book “Good to Great,” he outlines the variables that help transition businesses from okay to outstanding.

One overarching factor? The ability to focus, focus, focus on the one thing you do best.

This is especially important in the world of online courses and information products, where the pressure is on to be good at everything: owning your expertise, designing a website, building a following, marketing your product, creating a course…the list goes on and on.

If you can stay disciplined enough to focus on your area of expertise, we have no doubt you can take your course from good to great.

Of course, you want your course to show you off in your best light whether you’re at the “good” stage or the “great” stage. Create the best course you can to build trust with your students, increase the value of your product, and make more money in the long run.

Here’s how to take your good course to the next level.

The Ultimate Good Vs. Great Online Course Checklist

  • GOOD: One product at one price  

It’s an annoying truth: if you choose a “good” platform for your “good” course, you’re often limited to selling just one “good” product. You may only be allowed to sell it for one price. This is fine if that’s what you’re looking for, but we’re firm believers that tiered pricing will increase your revenue.

  • GREAT: Product and pricing options galore  

A great course platform will give you options. You can add new products easily. You can offer tiered pricing. You can manage all of your products together through the same portal.

  • GOOD: Video content

Any course, good or great, will deliver material via video and/or audio files.

  • GREAT: Video content plus transcripts

Take it up a notch with complete transcripts of your videos to make life easier for your reading-centric students. We recommend and for fast, affordable transcription services.

  • GOOD: Okay page design

Most good courses have no flow to their course page. The student may see five or six videos on a single page. There may be a confusing layout or boring/outdated design. (Read more about the importance of keeping your course looking good.)

  • GREAT: Professional design to the max  

If you love the way your course looks, from sales page to login portal to course pages, you just might have a great course. When your product looks professional, your students are happier to work with you — and your expertise shines through. A great course will structure the material so students know exactly what to do once they’re on the page. A single video with full transcript and homework questions on one page is far more exciting for a student than seven videos all at once.

  • GOOD: Info-dump of course material

An average course won’t have the sophistication to deliver individual lessons on a timed schedule. Instead, students will get all-at-once access to every lesson on the syllabus. This isn’t ideal, because it leaves your students with the difficult task of figuring out how and when to consume the content. It’s like giving someone a confusing map instead of walking with them to their destination.

  • GREAT: Content & email drip

Your course automatically deploys lessons on a timed schedule that you’ve decided. You’re not leaving your students to teach themselves, you’re delivering the material at the correct pace and in the correct order to maximize their results. The same holds true with your dripped emails that shepherd a new student through the purchase funnel, through the course content, and into another course.

  • GOOD: Minimal security of your course content   

Your students may access your course through a regular link that they can copy and paste and distribute to whoever they please. Or, your course lives on a hidden link that’s easy for a non-student to guess based on the URL naming conventions of your website. Either way, your material isn’t protected. If you have a password-protected course, that’s a step in the right direction.

  • GREAT: Super duper security lockdown

A great course will be password protected or use self-destructing links to prevent the material from being stolen. Remember, what you’re teaching is valuable. It’s worth money. Don’t just give it away.

  • GOOD: You aren’t sure what’s going on with your students

A basic course delivery platform won’t give you the tools you need to connect the dots and really grow your business. You won’t be able to see who has logged in to the course, how long they stayed there, and what they did. Beyond the initial purchase, you have access to no other helpful data.

  • GREAT: You know exactly what your students are up to  

Ah, the awesome power of engagement tools and data collection! With a great course platform, you’ll be able to know who’s logging in to the course, what they’re doing, and how long they’re staying. You’ll be able to send them homework, surveys and quizzes to challenge their know-how and give you valuable insights. It’s one of the most important attributes of a great course.

  • GOOD: Updates are a bummer

If you dread making changes to your course, you’re in Good Course Land. Certain platforms make it difficult for you to make updates, draining you of energy, time and money.

  • GREAT: Easy-peasy updates  

Updating your course should be FUN. Wouldn’t you love to have the flexibility to update your material whenever you’re struck with a great new idea? Or the ability to change your design theme without having to redo your entire course? A great course will make all of these things possible, and save you valuable time to focus on being the expert.

So, what kind of course do you have right now — GOOD or GREAT?

There’s nothing wrong with having a good, solid course that gets the job done. But all great experts (and all great businesses, according to Jim Collins) don’t waste their precious energy on time-sucking technology that hurts more than it helps.

When you’re ready to get serious about greatness, it’s time to switch to a fast, easy course creation platform that takes away your technical headaches and lets you focus on being GREAT at what you do.

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