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Right now, we’re all abuzz about continuity products.

Traditionally, you sell an evergreen course to a customer one time. They pay you upfront and receive your course content on a drip. When it gets to the end, that’s it. Course over!

With continuity products, you sell a subscription. You bill your customers monthly or annually, and they receive ongoing access to all of your content as long as they continue paying.

This is a new concept for a lot of entrepreneurs, but it’s one you should get familiar with. It’s highly profitable, because you receive monthly or yearly revenue from each customer instead of a single lump payment at the outset.

It also builds community among your students. Instead of a “one and done” mindset, you’re encouraging people to stick around and keep the relationship going. Password protected forums and chat groups are a great way to keep your subscribers connected with each other as they go on their long-term educational journey with you.

Continuity products are loaded with benefits for content creators and students alike, which is why we’ve added features to help you to create them within Summit Evergreen.

Your students can now subscribe to your course, log in, and receive instant access to all of your content for as long as they continue paying.

Set up your free 30 day trial of Summit Evergreen and see how easy it is to get set up!

About the author: Keith is the co-founder of Summit Evergreen, and helps course authors, product creators, and self-funded businesses increase their revenue from their existing traffic.