Welcome to the Feature Feature! These feature-friendly and upgrade-packed posts are straight from the developers’ mouths — and talk about some of the cool new features that have just launched with Summit Evergreen!

Today’s new feature is something that a lot of people have been asking about — students being able to purchase multiple tiers to the same product.


As I’m sure you know: Tiered Pricing is the ONLY way to price your product. And Summit Evergreen makes it crazy easy to set up multiple tiers for your product — allowing you to sell Pro, Master and VIP versions at various price points.

While it’s always been easy for students to upgrade to a higher tier, sometimes content creators want to do something a little special — like provide single-purchase items for existing customers, or do a new version of their course, and allow existing students to access both the old version and the new version.

Well now you can!

We’ve added the ability for students to not only purchase multiple tiers of the same course, but also easily switch between them.

When a student purchases multiple tiers from your course, you’ll be able to see both drip schedules in the admin section:


And the student will be able to freely switch between the courses from the existing course selector.
(Don’t worry! If they only have one tier, then they won’t see the extra names)



So what to do with this new-found power?

Here’s a couple of ideas for what you can do with multiple tiers:

  • Take what you learned from your first course to launch a 2.0 version. Give existing students free (or discounted) access to the new course so you can reconnect with students who might have drifted off. New content is a great incentive for students to log back in to your courses.
  • Sell Upgrades or In-App Purchases to your existing course.
    Just did 10 hours of interviews? Sell them as a $30 addition to your existing course. Have a bunch of great case-studies that could help your students? Help them super-charge their existing course with extra content.
  • Collect multiple content under a single product umbrella.
    Some people have a lot of courses. I mean a lot of courses. So sometimes it makes sense to group courses by an overarching theme, and then have each course become a tier in that course.
  • Got 5 Courses on email marketing that are all similar? Create an “Email Marketing” course, and then make each one a different tier. It will help you organize, and give a consistent user experience to your students.

Well, that’s all for this time. But I’ll be back next week with some more awesome features that we’re working on.

Two words: Promotion Codes.

See you soon!

About the author: Keith is the co-founder of Summit Evergreen, and helps course authors, product creators, and self-funded businesses increase their revenue from their existing traffic.