It’s no surprise, whether you’re a Summit Evergreen beginner or veteran, questions come up and we’ve received some great feedback from our customers about our FAQ articles. We strive for excellence and customer satisfaction, and want to make sure you are always up to date on the best ways to build your course with Summit Evergreen.

Here are the latest FAQ’s:

Can I limit the length of time a customer has access to a course? For example, I am teaching an on-line class where I only want my students to be able to access the material for 90 days.

Yes, absolutely and we have a great feature that makes this incredibly easy. Sometimes you may want limit the amount of time a customer has access to your course. If your course is evergreen, you want a simple way to do this, without having to monitor and manually manage student access on a daily basis.

In your syllabus you will have the ability to set the course duration to any number of days, or you can give lifetime access. If you have limited the number of days a course is available, students that try to log in after that date will no longer be able to.

The best part is that this is incredibly easy to set up. Just check a box and enter how many days you want your course available to students, and Summit Evergreen handles the rest! Easy peasy.

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Why are there multiple domains to set inside of my Summit Evergreen account? I want to make sure I know which website address to use for which purpose.

You can set domains for your overall account, as well as for each individual product (course). This allows you to give your students the exact URL that will serve them best.

Each Summit Evergreen account will have an account domain, and every product will have it’s own unique domain as well. So, if you have 4 products, there will be 5 domains you can configure inside of Summit Evergreen. Whoa, I know, that seems like a lot, but this lends its way into creating a membership site to house all of your digital products.

Having these domains allows your students to log into any of the products they own and toggle between them. This means students won’t have to remember multiple login URL’s, usernames or passwords; also, your customer service team will see less tickets in the help desk.

A lot of customers will use the main account URL as a general login they can post on their main website, making it easy for ANY student to access ANY digital product they own.

Did you know you can use a custom domain for any of these URL’s? You’ll need to configure a few settings outside of Summit Evergreen, with your DNS provider, and we have step by step instructions to show you how.

I want my course to have special buttons and be designed to match my brand elements. Can I add some custom styling to my course?

With Summit Evergreen, you can get started and build a course with limited technical expertise. However, it’s also flexible enough for those that may have a little more technical know how (or maybe someone on their team does!). If you have working knowledge of HTML or CSS, there is so much you can do within Summit Evergreen.

After you select your theme, you can add custom scripts to your course. Did you know we have some easy tips and tricks for each of our themes documented? If you can follow step by step directions, you’ll be able to take advantage of some advanced styling.

Sleek Tips & Tricks
Laravel Tips & Tricks
Sensibility Tips & Tricks
Highrise Tips & Tricks
Primero Tips & Tricks

Can I still use Summit Evergreen if you don’t integrate with my payment processor?

Yes, you can use Summit Evergreen even if we don’t integrate with your payment processor. There are a few different ways that you handle this, and it just depends on your particular business and your own preferences.

One way to do this, is to manually enter your students. This is super easy to do, and if you have less than 20 students it will only take about 10 minutes. If you have a large list of students, just reach out to us at and we’ll happily import them for you.

If you want students to have instant access, you can set up a free marketing course that will allow them instant access. All you’ll need to do is set your course price in Summit Evergreen as $0 and use the link generated as your thank you page. Of course you’ll still be collecting money through your payment processor!

This one student thinks that he’s special and wants all of the content now – even though the course is set up on a timed drip to unlock new content each week. Can I accommodate them without unlocking content for everyone?

Sometimes, for whatever reason, you may have a student that wants to have all their content unlocked immediately. Yes, you can definitely accommodate the student without changing all your other students drip.

When manually adding a course to a student’s record, you’ll have an option to set the student’s start date, and you can backdate this as far as needed. If the customer already has the course, you will need to delete it from the student profile and re-add it with the correct date. This will be seamless to the customer, they won’t have to register again or create a new password.

Just be mindful of two things when doing this. If you are using the Summit Evergreen drip email feature, the student will get all of the emails in the drip immediately. So you may need to advise them ahead of time. Also, if you’re using the Summit Evergreen welcome email, you’ll want to disable it before adding the course to the student’s record and change it back afterwards.

Can I create a sneak-peek? I’d like to give part of my course away for free, as a teaser. What’s the best way to do this?

Tiers are the most efficient way to manage this! Tiers are a really cool feature that allow you to create different levels of your course and pick and choose which levels get access to different pages of content. Just create a new tier of your course, go to the syllabus or drip menu to toggle between the different tiers. Each tier can have a completely unique syllabus and drip or you can copy an existing tier (which can be especially useful if there are only a few differences between them.

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The next step is to configure the pages of content and tell Summit Evergreen which levels get access to each page. Each page will have a setting where with the click of a button you can grant or revoke access to that page’s content.

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The best part? Using the tier feature will SAVE YOU TIME! Any of the pages that are shared between tiers are exactly that, shared – so you only have to edit one page if you need to make a change insteading of editing multiple pages for each tier.

If this is completely new to you, take some time to find out why tiered pricing is the only way to price your product.

Summit Evergreen strives for excellent customer service. If you have a question that we have not talked about, please email us at and we will get back to you with answers right away…we always love to hear from our customers!!

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