We have exciting news about Summit Evergreen! It’s even better! As you know, we at Summit Evergreen are huge proponents of the customer experience, and we’ve just made some huge updates that will make life easier for you and your students.

Groupon and Amazon Checkout

A highly requested feature from a number of our customers is the ability to use Groupon and Amazon checkout codes for purchases. This allows your students to purchase with their existing Groupon or Amazon accounts, and get instant access through special access codes.

This feature can also be used for any other access-code based checkout, and can also be usedd to distribute limited access codes as promotion tools.

Click here to learn how to set this up – or if you’ll take a few minutes to watch this video – I‘ll walk you through everything.

Multiple Purchases of the Same Course

We’ve also added the ability for students to purchase multiple tiers of the same course, and easily switch between them. So if you have a student who is in the Silver level, and wants to upgrade to Gold, now they own and access both tiers of the product and freely switch between the courses from the existing course selector.

As the teacher, you’ll be able to see both drip schedules in the admin section of the course. Make sure to check out our feature-feature that talks all about this.

Subscription Support

If you use Infusionsoft or Stripe for your payment processor, you can now start selling subscription, or “continuity,” products right out of Summit Evergreen. Continuity products are a great way to create a solid recurring revenue stream, as well as improve engagement with your existing students.

Learn more about this new feature here. And check out our documentation on easy it is to integration with Stripe and Infusionsoft.

Knowledge Base and Support Update

Also – remember you can access Summit Evergreen help and documentation anytime. We’ve also upgraded and improved the functionality of our documentation site. Be sure to check it out here: http://docs.summitevergreen.com/

If you have any questions at any time please email us at support@summitevergreen.com and we will get back to you with answers right away.

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