So, you’re ready to market your very first online product. Good for you! You’re at the beginning of an exciting adventure.

As marketers and consultants ourselves, we meet and work with many people who are just starting to build their online business. Again and again, we see these folks face the same pitfalls and problems:

  • They aren’t sure how to sell their product.
  • They don’t understand the concept of the email marketing funnel.
  • They have an awesome team of smart people, but none of them have marketed a product before.
  • They spend far too much time trying to learn the ropes, and not enough time getting their product shipped and sold.
  • They don’t understand how to connect and integrate all the parts of their marketing efforts.
  • When they try to make changes to any part of their product or system, the whole thing falls apart.
  • They don’t have sufficient metrics or analytics to measure their success.
  • They constantly second-guess themselves and have difficulty making decisions.

The list goes on and on. By the time these folks make their way to us, they’re tearing their hair out in desperation. It’s not a pretty sight!

Fortunately, there’s a way to avoid most of these issues. And it’s the best thing you can do for your business, besides drinking a secret potion that magically transforms you from “Newbie” to “Expert.” (Someone let us know when that potion comes on the market, will ya?)

Here’s what you do: Hire a consultant to help you launch your product.

Why hire a consultant? Isn’t that a big, expensive waste of time and money?

Ha! Definitely not. Here’s why:

When you’re serious about building a product, launching it, and growing long-term customer relationships, you can’t afford to figure it out as you go.

It’s the same for nearly any major goal you could set for yourself. If you want to become an Olympic runner, the first thing you do is hire a coach. Sure, you could read a lot of articles about training, and put together a training plan for yourself. But how can you compete with other runners who have experts in their corner? The chances of you making it to the Olympics on your own are practically nonexistent.

Consultants give you an edge — and a competitive advantage. You could spend weeks researching the proper way to set up an email funnel. Or, you could have someone show you exactly what to do. A consultant can get you set up fast and effectively, teaching you what has worked for other clients in the past, and sharing years of valuable knowledge, one-on-one.

An email funnel might seem like a small thing that you can figure out on your own. But look at some of the steps involved:

  1. Set up your tech stack of marketing tools: email provider, sales page creator, opt-in/squeeze page maker, purchase processor, etc.
  2. Organize your email list and warm the list.
  3. Build an opt-in page.
  4. Create “carrot content,” a freebie you give away in exchange for your customer’s email address.
  5. Write a sequence of 6-8 followup emails the customer receives after getting the carrot.
  6. Price your product for maximum profit.
  7. Make sure everything is linked together — your payment processor integrates with your sales page, your follow-up email sequence links to your sales page, etc.
  8. Test your funnel.
  9. Ensure your customers are receiving your product and that they’re satisfied.

This list is overwhelming to most people who have never launched before. Marketing your product is no small feat! And trust us, there are even more steps and sub-steps in the process. With an expert at your side, though, this list isn’t scary at all.

Think of marketing like a jungle adventure. You could go on the adventure all by yourself, plotting your own course and making your own decisions. Or, you could hire a guide who knows the jungle inside and out to lead you through.

In the jungle and in your business, the choice is up to you. Some people don’t want to pay someone else money to be told what to do. They want to figure it out on their own. And that’s okay…but it comes at its own cost, and with its own set of risks.

Here’s how:

If you go through the jungle alone, you might get lost. You might get eaten by a jaguar. You might run out of clean water and food. Yes, you have more freedom to go where you please on your own timetable, but you’re taking a big risk.

If you go through the jungle with a guide, you have a bit less freedom to do as you please. But you’re more likely to come out on the other side on time and unharmed. Your guide will also make sure to show you the best sights, things you may not have experienced otherwise because you didn’t even know they were there. You won’t run out of food and water, and you definitely won’t get eaten by a jaguar. (Whew!)

Consultants are the jungle guides of online products. They know where the dangers lurk, because they’ve hiked this trail a thousand times before.

They make sure your customers’ credit card information is secure. They make sure your analytics are set up correctly the first time. They answer all of your questions, from “how do I make a button on this page?” to “how do I stop new customers from receiving old sales emails?”

Instead of spending 5-10 days on these types of issues tackling them yourself, your consultant can get you answers in 5-10 minutes. They are experienced. It comes naturally to them, and they love showing you the ropes.

Plus, you’ll benefit from their knowledge in other ways. Think of everything you’ll learn from working with an expert on your first launch. You’ll basically get a crash course in product launching, and that information will benefit every other product you decide to sell.

It’s an investment in your success, now and in the future.

So, it’s up to you. Will you go on your adventure alone…or will you invest in an awesome guide?

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