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Product launches are not about simply promoting your new products -- there's a strategy and process to integrating new offerings with your current list, which can mean a difference of hundreds of thousands of dollars if implemented poorly.

Summit Evergreen is the organization and technical leads behind some of the strongest brands in the industry. We understand how to create amazing online courses, and the end-to-end business model for the information product industry. And even better -- we know how to optimize it each step of the way.

Regardless of if you're trying to improve your current marketing funnel, or if you're building the strategy for a new product portfolio, we can accelerate your growth, sometimes exponentially.

Here are just a few of the companies that we've worked with

Some of clients' successes

Marketing strategies that increased year-end revenue by 7x on existing product contents
Development of multi-million dollar evergreen funnels for automated product sales
Customer Orbit Strategies for increasing repeat customer purchases by upwards of 70%

At the end of the day, if you're selling products online, certain truths become self evident:

At it's most basic, this is the model that you are striving to scale.

You could do it yourself. But, let's face it, you didn't start a business because you want to work night and day. And as your business grows - there are more and more moving pieces, and it gets harder and harder to keep your focus.

You could hire cheap and then have to clean up and redo it. We're sure you've heard the horror stories that come from hiring the wrong people. You know enough about marketing to know that there are a lot of people out there that talk a good game, and then can't get the job done.

You could do it right the first time with people who know what they're doing. In order for you to succeed, you need to focus on the parts that you do best -- not be mired in the details. We help you build a repeatable growth process for your products.

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Let us help you build a better business

Summit services for a better you

Strategies for developing multi product portfolios

Evergreen marketing and evergreen sales funnels

Creating a customer orbit and product portfolio from existing products.

Product launch strategy and process

Project management and launch management

Funnel strategy and optimization

Conversion optimization, design, split-testing and analysis

Establishing dashboards and tracking key performance indicators.

System migration and Data migration for ESPs and Shopping Carts

System development and integration

We're building a machine where you can find a traffic expert to send you leads, and the system automatically scores your leads and makes you money.

We've worked with small companies to help them become big. And we've worked with big companies to increase their profits exponentially.

The question isn't the size of the company as much as the mindset of the leadership. Jumpstart your business with what successful product marketers have already learned -- and invest in proven experience order to build your company.

Focus on YOUR goals - grow YOUR business

How we work with your team

Product engagements focus on YOU and your business, and our engagements are tailored to make the most out of your specific situation.

Our typical engagement follows a simple pattern:

1) Deep Dive

During the first week of the engagement, we work hand in hand with you and your team to create a custom, detailed strategy for your products, optins and marketing.

We'll work with you to create marketing funnels, product positioning, optin campaigns and improvements to your existing site and funnels to turn your product suite into a well-oiled, high-performance marketing machine.

At the end of the week, you'll have a collection of code, pages, emails and strategies to use to start increasing your leads and marketing value that next day.

2) Followups, Tests and Improvements

Over the next 5 weeks, we'll meet with you for weekly strategy sessions where we review conversion results, measure engagement and create actionable recommendations for the next steps in the campaign.

This followup is vital to our performance-enhancing process, as we work together with you to fix what doesn't work, and iterate new improvements on strategies that we see working.

3) Bask in your new-found performance improvements

At the end of the engagement, you will have not only improved your product offerings and funnels in a recurring, measurable way -- you will also have a suite of tools and strategies that can be used again and again on future product launches and evergreen campaigns.

In 6 weeks, you will have built a foundation that will continue to perform for years, and one that can be built on to 3x, 6x or even 10x your business over the next few years.

We're looking for companies to add to our growing list of impressive success stories.

But be warned ... we're not for everyone.

We want to make sure that we're providing the most value for our services, and insure that you're going to be able to build your revenue by a significant amount.

We discourage the following companies working with us as our rates offset the increased value possible from a CRO campaign. (Although you're welcome to contact us for a free consult!)

How to get started today

We know that there's a lot of push and pull in hiring a strategy team, so we've made it as easy as possible to get started:

  1. Contact us and request your free consultation.
  2. We'll meet with you, analyze your product suite, and identify whether we're a good fit for each other. This is an important step for us because we want to make sure that our clients fit us as much as we want to make sure we fit you.
  3. If we are a good fit, we'll work with you on building a strategy starting with the quickest and most important ways to grow your business.

If you're ready to find out how we can help your company become more profitable, just email us and we'll set up a free consultation. Even if you don't use our services, we can help you identify the biggest opportunities for you to grow your business.

If you meet the above requirements, and you're ready to start growing your business, contact us today.

Yes! I want to learn how to improve my business