Big news! Starting today, you can subscribe to Summit Evergreen for just $10/month with our new Bootstrapper Plan. The Bootstrapper Plan is perfect for you if: You’re starting your first online course from scratch You’re hesitant to commit to a full plan You’ve been thinking about joining, but haven’t gotten around to it yet You’ll […]

We’ve all had that crazy customer who called in the middle of the night with a ridiculous question. The one who demanded a discount for an already free trial service. Who wanted to use the product for something borderline – or blatantly! – illegal. Would it surprise you that these clients aren’t just annoying – […]

Tiered pricing is one of those no-brainer concepts that some entrepreneurs and companies are hesitant to embrace. Don’t make that mistake – tiered pricing can work for almost anyone. And without it, you’re losing potential revenue. What is tiered pricing?  At its most basic, it means providing your product or service at different price points. […]