It’s every entrepreneur’s nightmare. You put together a product you’re passionate about, you put it out into the world—but then something goes horribly wrong. It’s Murphy’s Law: if something can go wrong, it will. When crisis hits, are you prepared to handle it? Here are five of the most common nightmare scenarios faced by information […]

So, you’re thinking about offshoring your talent or outsourcing work. You’ve read all the books and articles about how it can save your business money. You’re know you can get a great deal on overseas customer service reps, virtual assistants or developers. After all, labor costs in certain countries are mind-bogglingly low. It seems like […]

Think of some of the big-name online personalities you know and follow. They seem like they can do just about anything, right? They have great ideas, they are marketing wizards, and they have the technical know-how to design and code anything they can dream up. They run million dollar businesses single-handedly, or with the help […]