Let’s discuss stalking your students and why it’s crucial for their learning experience and building your business. Don’t get Summit Evergreen‘s idea of stalking confused with the kind of stalking like in Single White Female or One Hour Photo. We aren’t talking stalking in a creepy way. It’s not like showing up at their house […]

It’s every entrepreneur’s nightmare. You put together a product you’re passionate about, you put it out into the world—but then something goes horribly wrong. It’s Murphy’s Law: if something can go wrong, it will. When crisis hits, are you prepared to handle it? Here are five of the most common nightmare scenarios faced by information […]

What’s the biggest misconception online marketers have about their own product? That their product is for EVERYONE. People hold on to this misconception for a few reasons. Maybe you’re holding on to this misconception right now. You think: “My product is full of so much great information that literally EVERYONE should be interested in it.” […]