Today we have exciting news about Summit Evergreen! As you know, we at Summit Evergreen are huge proponents of the customer experience, and we are super excited to announce that we are rolling out a new feature. This is going to improve the way you interact with your customers, how your customers interact with each other and how you manage the comments made throughout your course.

Interacting with your students is a huge part of the customer experience. Your students need to know that you are listening, and when you listen you can improve the entire course – for not only yourself as the teacher, but for your students.

Summit Evergreen is pleased to introduce the new Comment Management System!

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Are you looking for your perfect Tech Stack to start selling information products? Well, you have come to the right place!!

Just as we brought you the 1st edition of The Definitive Guide, this one will have all the same goodness, as well as updated pricing and some new software and services.

This guide will assist you in building the perfect Tech Stack for your growing business. You know that you need a website and an email platform, but we want to help you figure out what else you need to start selling and make it as simple as possible.

In this article, we compare dozens of options based on services we have provided for our clients to help them produce and market their digital products online.

We’ve helped them create millions of dollars in profits and have helped launch hundreds of programs. Over the years, we’ve learned the ins and outs of just about everything on the market. So today, we’re bringing you some pages from “Keith & Rachel’s $25K Consulting Playbook”, along with new information.

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Do you have a unique specialty, an outstanding skill set, or a fresh new perspective on an old subject? Are you ready to share your knowledge and expertise with others in an online course? Then you’ve come to the right place! In this article, you will learn all you need to know to build a premium online course for your content, one that will have customers beating down a path to your door!

So you’ve got top-notch content, but how do you share it effectively in an online course? Let’s start with the basics. Here is the ultimate checklist of what you will need to know and/or put in place as you begin to create your online course:

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At any given moment there are many people in the process of launching a new online course or some sort of new product.

They think that this process should move swiftly and smoothly. You would think so, right? You would think that it would just move…at the pace you imagined.

Surprisingly … launching a product doesn’t always go smoothly. Sometimes … launching a product doesn’t GO at all. You can find yourself stuck.

There’s an extensive list of reasons why you could get stuck when launching your course, but I’d like to talk about the TOP TEN places to get stuck when launching a course.

They are worth taking a look at if you have ever struggled with getting to your ultimate destination.

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Imagine that you are walking down a busy street in a big city. It’s all lined with restaurants. Every restaurant is jam-packed.

You see a vacant space with a “For Rent” sign in the window. You think, “It would be fun to open a business here, but what kind of a business should I open?” While it’s very natural to think, “I can’t open a restaurant, there are tons of other restaurants!” Chances are you are not going to be serving the same thing on the menu as the other restaurants in the area.

While you may be fulfilling the ultimate same need, people are hungry, you’re going to do it differently.

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Did you know that The Great Gatsby was a complete flop?

When F. Scott Fitzgerald died, his last royalty check was for a mere $13.13. Copies of the second printing of The Great Gatsby collected dust in his publisher’s warehouse.

Now, Fitzgerald did have a small audience for his book. There were a few literary readers like Gertrude Stein who loved The Great Gatsby.

However, popular reviewers thought Gatsby was some sort of weird crime novel, and not a very good one. The New York World review headline said, “Fitzgerald’s Latest A Dud.”

Eventually Gatsby found a wider audience, really by chance. And now it’s considered to be one of the greatest novels of all time.

It’s a really great story, right? Unless of course you’re F. Scott Fitzgerald.

It suuucks to be Fitzgerald!

Who wants to toil away, cranking out brilliant content, only to be recognized for it YEARS after you’re dead? No one, that’s who.

It’s a good lesson in how an audience can make all the difference.

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You published your book?! Congratulations!

Take a minute to let this sink in: People are paying to read the things you’ve written. That’s one satisfying feather in your cap.

And whether your book is a self-published ebook or a physical book on Amazon, it was a huge undertaking. Hours of work. Blood, sweat, and tears even.

(But hopefully not too much blood…)

However, now that it’s done, think about this:

What if your book could be something more?

What if you could take all of that work you’ve already done, and create an entirely new product from it…

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You already know that Summit Evergreen is the easiest, fastest way to deliver high quality online courses to your students. But a lot of people have been asking us if they can peek behind the scenes into the lives of people who are successfully hosting courses on Summit Evergreen. In this series, we’ll periodically feature real users to show you what the experience is really like.

If you’ve been following us for a while, you know that we value being honest, trustworthy, and aboveboard in everything we do. We’re committed to showing you the inner workings of Summit Evergreen customers: from the problems they’ve faced to the solutions we’ve helped them create. We’ll show you the warts-and-all process of building a business, overcoming doubt, and creating happy students.

Today, we’re talking with Jessica Morrod of The Genius Equation. We’ll let Jessica tell her story from here:

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We want you to give away your best content for free.

Ooh! Did you feel that? It’s your gut reaction saying “No, no no! Absolutely NOT.”

That’s the reaction most people have. It’s your body’s way of telling you “never work for free,” a platitude we’ve all been reminded of time and time again.

Well, it’s time to look past your gut reaction and rethink what you thought you knew about giving away your knowledge.

Sharing your best content—for free—is actually one of the quickest ways to prove your expertise and grow a paying customer base.

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