Summit Evergreen  is an awesome online membership software platform that makes it easy to create beautiful on-line courses and membership sites.

Ultimately, the goal of Summit Evergreen is to help you grow your business, and support you in providing a top-notch experience to your students. Here’s the story about why we built the software:

Summit Evergreen is designed to be incredibly flexible, and allows you to run one program – or a portfolio of 100 programs – all individually branded, and your students only need one password. The system helps you to create a top-notch experience for students and also allows you to time-release your content and have multiple “tiers” of membership (gold, silver, bronze).

What do you want to teach?

What information do you want to share with the world?

Your online course will revolve around three key concepts: The syllabus, the timing and the feedback.

  1. The syllabus is the actual structure of the content that you are teaching. What does the outline look like? What topics are you teaching and in what order?
  2. Next, the timing (also called the drip) is the timing of your syllabus. We all know that it’s not effective to drink water from a firehose. Similarly, your students will more effectively master new concepts when learning one concept at a time.
  3. And last but not least is feedback. Feedback can take different forms – surveys, quizzes, journalling – and it is what closes the loop on learning a new concept.

You can easily create a membership area that is branded as your own, at the web address of your choosing – without all of the technical headaches.

Summit Evergreen also works like a charm for online summits. The typical summit model has customers pay for lifetime access to the interviews – so they can watch them at their convenience. It’s easy to create a password protected portal that makes a beautiful and well organized site for your interviews, transcripts and other materials.

If all of your content is ready, your program can be live and integrated in a snap!

The Summit Evergreen team will support you as you get your program set up, and they also support integration with your shopping cart, email provider and CRM.

It’s a lot easier than you think. Get started today with a special offer exclusively for guests of Authorconf that includes a 90 day free trial. 

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Need more tips on creating your first course, download our guide here.

Contact Co-Founders Rachel Kersten and Keith Perhac or Customer Concierge Rebecca Lay at We’d love to show you around.