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Today we have exciting news about Summit Evergreen! As you know, we at Summit Evergreen are huge proponents of the customer experience, and we are super excited to announce that we are rolling out a new feature. This is going to improve the way you take payments from your customers, as they purchase your products through […]

We have exciting news about Summit Evergreen! It’s even better! As you know, we at Summit Evergreen are huge proponents of the customer experience, and we’ve just made some huge updates that will make life easier for you and your students. Groupon and Amazon Checkout A highly requested feature from a number of our customers […]

Welcome to the Feature Feature! These feature-friendly and upgrade-packed posts are straight from the developers’ mouths — and talk about some of the cool new features that have just launched with Summit Evergreen! Today we’re proud to announce the addition of two major payment processors to Summit Evergreen: PayPal and Gumroad!

Big news! Starting today, you can subscribe to Summit Evergreen for just $10/month with our new Bootstrapper Plan. The Bootstrapper Plan is perfect for you if: You’re starting your first online course from scratch You’re hesitant to commit to a full plan You’ve been thinking about joining, but haven’t gotten around to it yet You’ll […]

We’re thrilled to announce our new annual plan! Now, you can commit to a full year of creating great content for your students with the best course delivery platform in the business. Not only that…you also get two months FREE when you sign up for a full year now. You could see savings as high […]

Hi, guys. Rachel here. A couple of years ago, I had a New Year’s resolution: I wanted to learn how to flip fried eggs without breaking the yolks. I broke my yolks just about every time I made eggs, and it drove me absolutely crazy. I thought I was doing something wrong, that there was […]