We’re thrilled to announce our new annual plan! Now, you can commit to a full year of creating great content for your students with the best course delivery platform in the business.

Not only that…you also get two months FREE when you sign up for a full year now. You could see savings as high as nearly $1,000.

Why choose the annual plan over a month-to-month plan?

Because it requires you to COMMIT. And commitment is the key to success.

It’s easy to tell yourself, “I’ll sign up for the free 30 day trial just to try out the platform. If it doesn’t work for me, I won’t lose much.”

That kind of thinking sets you up for failure.

Instead, tell yourself:

“I’ll sign up for a full year to give myself the time frame I realistically need to succeed. I’ll devote my energy to making this work for twelve months — NOT giving myself an easy out after just one month. Who can build a business in one month, anyway? A year from now, I can either have a successful online course or be stuck the same place I am right now. I choose to be a success.”

So get motivated, get pumped up, and get committed to selling fantastic courses that share your knowledge with the world.

Subscribing for 12 months now also jumpstarts your progress, and makes it easier for you to start selling sooner. When you sign up for a year of Summit Evergreen, you’re crossing 11 steps off your business To Do list:

Research course delivery platforms DONE!
Subscribe to course delivery platform DONE!
Design (or pay designer) to design course template DONE!
Develop (or hire developer) to code course page DONE!
Spend 14 hours configuring WordPress membership site WHY BOTHER?
Figure out how to drip course content DONE!
Figure out how to integrate payment processor DONE!
Figure out how to integrate email list DONE!
Figure out how to integrate social media DONE!
Figure out how to integrate video DONE!
Make sure students’ data is secure DONE!

Ready to commit to your own success? Click here to find out more about our annual plan and sign up today.

Need help? Have questions? Not sure where to start? Send Keith an email at keith@summitevergreen.com.

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